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Long before the invention of written word, humanity learned how to create music. However this music was not discovered on humans own accord, but rather given to them from a divine being. Humans revered this gift, and began to worship the being that had given it to them. This being came to be known as the “Grey God”.

However, over time forgot where this gift had come from, and thus the tale of Grey God ceased to spread. Although forgotten, the Grey God did not lie dormant. Instead it began to reclaim its gift, using the music humans now knew to weave messages into human society. Unbeknownst to the musicians, they were serving as vessels for the divine.

Over time, humanity began to gain awareness these hidden messages in music. A few keen individuals began to piece together these small threads, trying to discover the true meaning behind them.

We have made it our sworn duty to discover the true nature of the Grey God. Presented with the fragments of its message, we have once again reconstructed the Grey God’s word. The time has become to once again make humanity aware of this great gift.

The first of these gifts come in the form of hello_goodbye. This EP will give the world an idea of the true power and nature of the Grey God.


released February 22, 2017



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greygod Washington, D.C.

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